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Prescriptions & Custom Lenses

Everything you need to know about prescription.

How can I order prescription lenses?

We offer prescription lenses through our lens app. You can find it on our eyeglasses product page. You can order single vision, progressive, and readers through the flow.

Can I order prescription sunglasses?

Of course, when selecting your prescription, choose prescription sunglasses and not prescription eyeglasses.

What type of prescription lenses do you offer?

We offer single vision, progressive, and readers.

I don't have my prescription, can I email later?

You are welcome to place your order and email your prescription later. If in case your needs do not match what you purchased we can always edit your order.

I don't know how to order my prescription.

We know prescriptions can be complicated. If you need assistance in ordering prescription, feel free to reach out through chat or email [email protected] and will gladly help with your lens selection.

What if I want a custom lens color?

You can create any color option you'd like. You have several options to create your custom lenses: